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I’m new to Shopify and looking for some advice/guidance in setting up my store. For background I have a all-natural skin treatment product that was developed and branded by a third party that I want to sell on Shopify.  My plan is to create a store that will ultimately sell a variety of natural & wellness products, but being new to  e-commerce and online selling, I want to start out with just this one product, and ultimately bring on new products from other sources as I gain more experience. My question is about naming and branding the store. I would  like to create my own store brand with its own unique name, while carrying/selling the third party product.  Is developing my Shopify store with its own unique name & branding a viable approach when featuring one branded product with a name that’s different from my store?

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@ThePrimeWeb recently published a blog post with some suggestions/recommendations on branding, see here: 


To directly answer you question though -- you can definitely create a Shopify store for selling a single product. However, you'll want to make sure that you have permission from the company that makes the product, to sell it (often you'll need a resellers license, if it's a branded product). You also need to have some kind of 'competitive edge' for the product & your site (ie. why would people buy from your site, instead of from the company that actually makes the product, directly?). 

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