Store changer missing from admin panel

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The store changer has gone missing from our stores in the Admin panel.

We have 4 stores, had no issues until now, but now it's nowhere to be found.



Yes, using the Profile icon -> Stores menu item works, but I hope that this is just a glitch and not a planned change.


Can you fix this please? Or is this intentional?


István Solymosi

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We're having the same issue.  It was fine for me until this morning.  My ability to quickly change stores has been removed.  I'm also missing the store name any where on the page and have to continually look at the search bar to figure out which store I'm in.   Hopefully, this is just a glitch and will be fixed soon.   I don't need to see "Shopify Summer '22"  I need to see my store name and be able to move seamlessly from store to store.

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Same for myself - no store switcher. 

Is this a permanent feature? Hopefully not, as this was a really useful way of moving around quickly.

Hoping for a fix soon!