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They closed my store in 2 days after they told they needed receipts of my purchases to sell online.  I have been active for at least 5 years.  I am a reseller of high end luxury items and have been for 23 years.

How can you get it together at the busiest time of the year for thousands of items.  Seriously!

There is something called the freedom of trade act:  when you buy something you can do whatever you want with it.  

They closed me during the Holidays!  Really??!!  No opportunity to coordinate anything to provide what they want?  What is going on?  They are doing to this to people without the courtesy to work with you to give them what they want??

Are they going out of business?  How do I get my money?

What about my client lists???  That is MY property.  

Seriously, the month of December.  How can they get away with the damage they do to your business?  To your reputation???  Customers are calling me - freaking out.  This is not acceptable.  How do you expect to maintain YOUR reputation? That you would destroy someone's business in 2 days?  How can vendors trust you?  And of course there is no one to reach out to - to have a human being communicate with you.  Shocking.

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