Store Freezing on android devices - Mobile - Bounty offered for fix!

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Hi all


For the last 12 months I regularly get messages from customers - mainly returning ones - who the store freezes when they visit it on their android device. It it across many pages and many different actions. 

Shopify refuse to acknowledge there is a problem despite the many email of customers i have received sent to them.

I am happy to offer a $500 bounty to any one who can provide a fix for this ans it works for a month after the fix is in place. I will be moving to woocommerce next months if this isn't resolved and due to the horrific shopify customer support. 

Store is

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@lukeWGHope you are doing well.


Could you please share short recording of issue so can check accordingly.

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Hi @lukeWG ,

I would be happy to look into this for you . I would ask you to reach out to us in DM and Securely Share your collaborator code so we can request for collaborator access debug and fix it .

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Hey Luke.

When talking about "freeze", do you mean it by the site being so slow or the customer couldn't visit the site? I couldn't replicate the latter freeze. I have a Samsung Galaxy A11 device, and everything works - pages custom-functionalities buttons about-us collections everything.
It's just extremely slow. Web tests (mobile) also show it to be slow, maybe that's the issue here.


12 seconds for your site to be useable or useful. The test used an Android device - midrange.


Another 12seconds in order for your site to be useful, still using an Android device - same midrange.

I configured the tests to use a high-end mobile phone like the Samsung s23 Ultra and it got a great score, very close to that with a computer. It seems like your website is slow for low-midrange Android devices. 

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Hi Luke.

Are you able to replicate these freezes yourself?


If yes, then I'd recommend disabling the "Recently viewed" app and see if freezes go away.

Or try contacting the developer.


From my point of view it looks like infinite recursion:


Function refresh emits resize event:



When resize event is encountered, it calls the refresh function:




There is a bunch of other things I'd look at but this one seems the first one to address...

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