Store is inactive after paying $$$ on them

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Hi, I need serious assistance-Ticket 30957728. After spending so much money on my theme, including hiring a web designer, spending hours on end fixing the site, became inactive without warning. 

I even received a Shopify balance account card, close to launching date and have received vague responses from the support team. It is truly scary how this company lacks assistance towards paying customers. Especially towards those who have done nothing wrong or is clueless to what they’ve possibly done to get their store closed down.

Like, why not have tier 2  or tier 3 agents who handles escalations, or difficult tickets that we (the customer) can speak to/chat in real time? It’s 2022 and the way this company handles customer support is on a decline.


And when your acct gets deactivated by Shopify, You have to bypass the loop to chat to the support team, and trick the system is a way. Very sad for such a successful company like Shopify.


If I’ve launched and made sells with this happening-I would be completely devastated, and so sorry to this where that’s happened. Your funds are locked and the customer’s funds, so you can’t process orders or refund their money. Extremely ethically wrong.


Ticket 30957728


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Hi there, @businessowner7!


Welcome to the Community! Definitely a great place to gather some input regarding anything about the platform! We have a great group of contributors who are always willing to provide their own expertise and experience with regards to Shopify! 


With regards to your inuiqry however, I definitely hear and feel your frustrations loud and clear regarding this matter that you are dealing with your account. While the Community is a good place to gain some feedback with people with similar experiences, responding directly to your ongoing ticket will be the best course of action as you will be communicating with the direct team handling this for us. 


You are more than welcome to respond to the email transcript you receive after every interaction to ask for further help, ask for any clarifications, or even leave a review expressing your experiences with our support team. Those replies go back directly to the agent that helped you as well as their leads. They are the perfect team to communicate regarding the ongoing issue as they are the ones handling it. If they have informed us to wait for their response however, please do so. As frustrating as it is, like you mentioned with tiers of agent assisting you, this is kind of our internal set up which is causing our agents to advise you to wait longer so they can confer with more specialized teams. Once they do, they will reach back out with a resolution. This is definitely something to consider.


You also mentioned having a hard time with live support? Are you able to expound more on this? While I wait for this information, I have also attached this link that will directly lead you to their live queues for assistance. Whether you have an active store or not, you can still get in line for help with one of our live agents. 

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Hi @Daniel  


I’ve reached out to the support channels many times, but they cannot expound or explain why my store was taken down in the first place. I did nothing wrong and it’s close to my launching date. I’ve selected a plan and received my Shopify balance acct card the other day. 

Because Shopify deactivated my store “inactive”, it sends me to the discussion channel or email, So I have to sign out to “chat” with live support which is concerning.  

It’s been 4 days now, and I have no clue on why this happened or what I can do. Agents should be able to explain why this happened at least. My domain is trademarked, and I have legal docs for my company. 

I will pursue a class action lawsuit if I don’t get access to my store or domain. I spoke with my lawyer yesterday. This is a defamation and emotional distress case-including that Shopify is holding on to a trademarked domain. So much money was funded for my company, and I had pre-booked events for my launch parties that close to 1000 people paid for tickets. I also, paid for my website theme.  A lot of money wasted with my company reputation on the line is causing distress.



Ticket# 30957728

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I definitely understand the need for resolution with regards to this matter. However, as mentioned above, the ongoing ticket is your best route for assistance as this internal team handling this matter will be able to discuss further as to what is happening, how best to resolve it, and how best not to repeat the issue moving forward. 


With regards to legal counsel, you are more than welcome to consult with your own. Again however, that ongoing ticket/email thread you have with us is the best place to express further details on this matter as we are not able to open up/discuss store-specific details here on social channels due to privacy reasons. 


We appreciate your patience and understanding regarding these matters. 

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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I have exactly the same issue 
I am shopify partner from few years now and I build and spend time for my client. He has upgrade to a Paid plan (annual) and the store gone INACTIVE - 
My Ticket number is 35191879 - And i am waiting to get support AND NO ONE is getting Back Me 
the client wants to proceed to a chargeback-  I will not getting paid for my work too - and shopify has charge him and right after has made his store inactive 

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Hey there, Rebecca. 


I definitely hear and feel your frustrations regarding this matter. As mentioned in my previous responses above, this is not the type of information that we can access over social channels such as here in the Community.


I highly recommend you reply directly to that ongoing ticket that you mentioned in your initial response as that will go straight to the internal team that is handling this matter for us. I suggest to outline all these questions that you may have regarding this matter as our internal teams can open up back end information and provide a more accurate answer to your inquiries. 


As always, we appreciate your patience and understanding regarding this process. 

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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I feel the same,

2 days ago i created new account and new store for my business. I'm in rush because near golive date. After create store i input payment from my card and suddenly store say unavailable after submit payment, without any warning. I check and see status is inactive. 
I reach support team, i nice supporter chat with me and tell that my store inactive because action of higher rank SUPPORT TEAM, and suggest me wait a moment. "wait a moment" take me near 72 hours waiting, now comment, no reply, not email, no everything.


I send response several times, no one answer me anymore. I send other request, other supporter told me same things and no silent too.


I and my company had 4 stores working good long time ago, now we host new store and issue happen. Very sad with Success Shopify branding. I consider will tell company switch out Shopify soon. We can not failed whole business just because delay support like this. 

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What was the outcome? I have the exact same problem and i am waiting since 2 weeks for the so called "trust and safety" team to reach out to me for further steps. I even built a 2nd shop and the exact same thing happened after the payment setup.