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I have been  starting my shopify store for almost 3 month.there have been no sales .i am trying to fix some problems now my store is not eligable to sell any thing it keeps saying MERCHANT GUIDELINES,SHOPIFY PAYMENT REQUIREMENT .i am trying to hard to fix the problem but as i am new for online store everything confused me may be it is a very simple thing but for me it is very hard .

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@Tulight... I had similar experience. If you allow, maybe my own experience can help youwith these issues.

I was blocked by Shopify - or better to say - by national regulations. Shopify as a Canadian company does it smart to adapt the shop system to your national regulations. E.g. my company with a settlement in the Netherlands was required to be registered; the Dutch law does not allow a side-hustle business just as a "private person". And Shopify knows these laws. - So I had to register first a company at the Chamber of Commerce, got my formal registration ... which on its own then requires a "visitor address". This then made it urgent to rent a "virtual office" (who wants, that potential customers who complain about deliveries, appear at your private home, right?) ... the shopify system demanded from me with a place holder in the payment segment, to add this ID number (in Dutch its called KVK number). And it also asked for the TAX number.

Good luck !!! 

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