Store shows "Some items are no longer Available" but inventory is right

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Hoping someone can help me out here. I keep getting the following with some items in my store.



I have checked the inventory and it's all set up that all are in stock and I have marked that all come from the 1 location I have. I am using the Globo app for product options. When I change the product to add a variant (Which I don't need because it's in the product options) then all of a sudden it will allow me to add it to cart. 


What am I doing wrong here??

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I'm Eric from Globo. Thank you for using our Product Options app. 

In this case, I think once of your "add on" product has been out of stock. 

I recommend you should check inventory of your "add-on products". 

If there is any issue, Don’t hesitate to contact us via email. 

Thank you!!

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Hi Eric


All of the items are available. It shows them as available and all have stock. This is happening a lot and I'm losing sales now because of it. I LOVE my Globo App, but I need people to be able to add items to cart without it saying they aren't available when they clearly are!  Anywhere else I should be looking?? EDITED TO ADD: I don't have any "Add Ons" for any of my products

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Could you please share me your product URL? so I can have a look and help you. 


I'm looking forward to hearing from you 

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Did you tried to uncheck the "Track inventory" from product page. If you have variants then uncheck on variant page as well.



Further let me know if can help you with.