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I recently switched over to Shopify for my education consulting services and throughout the year I have enterprise bootcamp classes available for the students to register.  Is there a way to have a “members only” section available that will allow the students to login into my website and to view replays of the zoom class, in addition to having a forum for collaboration that will allow the students to post / work together on lab assignments?  I do not want to sell a course, I just want to enable a log in that students can access material and discuss homework topics/ post on an internal forum

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Hi @custom2 that would be a content-gate customization, aka wholesale customization or membership customization. 


If you need this customization then contact me directly by mail for services.
Please always provide context, examples: store url, theme name, post url(s) , or any further detail.
Contact Info in signature.


To DIY the theme customization there are plenty of exiting duplicate conversations on the topic where roughly theme customizations wrap parts of theme code with some logic that checks some conditions:

{%- if page.handle == "page-handle" -%}
 {%- if customer.tags contains "customertag" %}
  {{ content_for_layout }}
 {%- else %}
  <p> you must login to view this content</p>
 {%- endif -%}
{%- else %}
 {{ content_for_layout }}
{%- endif -%}



Forums for a shopify store,

Make a separate stand alone post,  avoid glomming things together under an ambiguous title as the relevant people become more likely to never see your question.

Generally would require an app or external service that lets you embed a forum in a page like vanilla forums though that often means a separate login process if you don't know what your doing or have the budget.


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