Subdomains in Russian and Danish not showing on Google. Does show on Yandex and other search engines

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Hi guys,

Google is not showing my /DA/ and /RU/ subdomains anymore after submitting of the sitemap.xml file in Google Search Console back in December 2020.

I would recommend everyone that is using a multilingual app "to NOT" submit the sitemap.xml file. The /DA/ and /RU/ subdomains do still appear in other search enginges such as, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yandex.

The reason for this is the fact that Shopify only supports one sitemap.xml per store / When a sitemap is uploaded to GSC, the crawling tool is forced to read the primary domain, which of course doesn't include the /DA/ or /RU/ subdomains. Since i can't submit a sitemap for the /DA/ and /RU/ versions, Google doesn't know that it have to show the pages in Google Search.

The submitting of the sitemap were a consequence of following a Shopify workers recommendation, Shopify does regularly recommend to submit a sitemap which in most cases doesn't damage anything at all. I thought Shopify would correct the issue or take responsibility for recommending something that's hurting my store. Unfortunately the app developers can't do anything as well.

Now we know that the sitemap.xml is blocking the subdomains on Google I need to know what my options are? and I really think it’s unfair that I have to look into these things. Shopify supporters should not just recommend something that has the potential to ruin ones store without informing about it. The only thing i can think of is to create two seperate stores, but that's quite expensive and a lot of headache. All of my SEO in both Russian and Danish is gone.

Any help or ideas is appreciated!


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