Subscription and ordinary buy button at the same time

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I have a shop where you those either to buy or rent our products.


If you buy, you just have to check out as an ordinary ecommerce shop. If you rent our product, you have to pay a fixed amount each month until you buy or return the product.

Is it possible to create both opportunities in shopify? Or even better, do anyone know a webpage with that set up? 


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You could do this with our Seal Subscriptions app (, which can display a widget on the product page, allowing your customers to purchase a product as a One-time purchase or as a Subscription product.

You can see the subscription widget on our demo store here:


Our Seal Subscriptions app is capable of offering many options, such as, classic subscriptions, pre-paid subscriptions, setting a minimum and maximum number of payments, automating the product swapping logic, sending various customer and admin notifications and much more.


You can also always see which subscription renewals are upcoming, which subscriptions have failed payments and so on.


Overall, I recommend that you try installing the app ( and seeing what it can do, as it completely free to install and comes with a 30-day Free trial.

Seal Subscriptions℠ & Loyalty, a subscription app packed with features which allow you to achieve anything you want!