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hello I am looking for a subscription app - I would like it to run weekly / monthly its for toothpaste products.

my questions below 

1. when the money is taken is an order automatically generated ? 

2. the items will be fulfilled by a separate warehouse so would they get the order once payment is made 

3. the customer can cancel the subscription if they wanted to ? 

4. at checkout they can select a one off purchase or sign up for the subscription service 



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Hi, @peabrain

Great questions regarding subscription apps. We have quite a few options on the Shopify App Store, and selecting the right one will depend on your business, but I'm happy to run through some options with you. Here is a link to subscription apps in the app store. Below are a few popular recommendations: 

I can generally answer your questions, but your best bet will be to look into the specific subscription app(s) you are interested in, and confirm these questions with their developers directly. There is a lot of great information in the linked FAQ pages above. 

  1. Typically yes, an order is generated in the Shopify admin when the customer places it, and the payment is captured successfully. For example, here is Recharge's order flow. As well, PayWhirl states they, "Automatically charge customer payment methods and create orders." 
  2. Are you notifying your suppliers once payment is accepted? If your suppliers are not connected to your store through the use of an app, you can always setup a custom fulfillment service
  3. Yes, this should be possible. For example, Recharge has a customer guide on how to cancel subscriptions. PayWhirl states that there are "no contracts, cancel anytime."
  4. Yes, again this should be available. Most of these apps give the customer as much flexibility and freedom as possible to ensure a positive subscription experience. 

Let us know how this goes! We also have a detailed blog article on How to start a subscription business, if you're interested in learning more. 

Hilary | Community Moderator @ Shopify 
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thank you x 

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Hi, you can also try our subscription app! It is simple to use and meet all your needs. There is no monthly fee and only 1% transation fee for all features.

Please have a look on the App Store Sealoop Subscription.

If you have any questions, you can contact us anytime.