subscription pop up with automatic discount code

subscription pop up with automatic discount code

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Hi Community,


Looking for an app recommendation.


I am in need to a '10% off your first order' subscription pop up on a clients website. I understand this fine.

We are wanting to have a discount code emailed to the subscriber automatically. Is this a matter if finding an app that does this? OR do we need mail chimp or something?


Any advice on how to make this function automatically so the client doesn't need to manage this would be great. 



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To achieve that you can use the Personal Discount app integrated with some email service provider.


Personal Discount generates unique discount codes that you can include in automated emails. The app does not send emails on its own, but instead, Personal Discount integrates with your email marketing provider and with email notifications sent by Shopify. The app allows you to specify discount code pattern, discount type and value, minimum requirement, usage limit, expiration date, and to which products the discount will be able to be applied.


You'll also need to set up automation with some email service provider that will be responsible for sending the messages and handling a pop-up. Personal Discount can be easily integrated with the following email service providers:




It is also possible to integrate other email service providers, but they have to support the merge tag of the customer's email address and be able to insert the HTML code into an email template.

Best regards,
Dominik Obrzut