Subscriptions or Membership on a platform level, not product level

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Hey Shopify Community,


I'm hoping someone can enlighten me on a solution/app/plug in for my business or tell me Shopify doesn't support what I'm aiming to do.  


tl:dr : I want to charge customers a high level, not attached to any specific product, subscription fee. With that fee, I want them to be able to choose quantity 1 item per their billing cycle at no extra cost. Basically, they pay me for access to a product, and not for the product itself.  Is this possible with shopify?


For example.  I own an online cookie store.  I offer consumers 3 different subscription/membership packages.  These packages being, pick and receive a cookie every 30, 45, or 60 days.  Then for example, If someone chooses the 30 day package, they pay an automatic recurring charge of $5 every 30 days with no action being needed by the consumer to trigger that charge.  Then every cycle (30 days) they can then go to my online  storefront, and choose one type of cookie they want to receive, choc chip, sugar, or snickerdoodle.  The cookie options change every month, so they're not the same as the month before. I also want to be able to put guardrails up so that consumers can only choose quantity 1 cookie during their billing cycle.  For example the 60 day member can't pick a cookie every 30 days, and a 30 day member can't choose and receive 3 different types of cookies every 30 days.


This doesn't seem to work with Subify or any other subscription/membership app.  Does anyone know of a workaround or some sort of digital credit system where Shopify recognizes that:

- Consumer A has the 30 day package.  Give them a QUANTITY 1 credit every 30 days to choose 1 cookie to be shipped to them.


Any help/insight would be immensely appreciated. 

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