Superstore Theme Bug - Sorting Collections by Price Does Not Work Correctly

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I have a question regarding fixing an issue with the Shopify theme Superstore.


Superstore theme has a bug related to sorting in collections by Price.


Sort by price is not working on the collections pages - when you sort by price, the first page is sorted, but after the first page, the successive paginated pages of a collection are not in order by price.


This applies to all versions, including the latest version of Superstore, with jump-to-page and click to load.


This has been a bug in the theme across all versions. 


Yyou can see it for yourself in the Superstore demo stores, when you sort by price, after the first set of results, sorting by price is not applied:


jump to page theme example:


click to load theme example:


We have contacted the developer to ask about resolving this, and they claimed last year that it would be addressed in a newer theme version, so we waited, but in the newest theme version, it has not been resolved.


This was the reply from their support 8 months ago when we asked for help:


"The sorting choice gets removed when changing pages.

This is indeed a known bug in Superstore.

Currently, it only affects collections pages if the filter type chosen is "Tag filtering". If you select "Faceted filtering", the issue does not occur.
Our theme developers are working on a fix for this but there's no specific date on when the issue will be resolved."


We do not have the option to use Faceted filtering, as we utilize a lot of filters and are using tags for this.


We use the Superstore theme in several stores and this is a serious problem. We have stopped recommending it to new clients because of this, and need to fix the issue for our existing ones.


How can we resolve this issue?


Thank you in advance for your replies!

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