Suspicious Activity - Huge Influx of Online Sessions

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We received a huge influx of online sessions on our website out of no where. We average in the hundreds, but the past two days we've been averaging in the thousands and most of them originate in Asia or another foreign country. Keep in mind we only ship in the US and Canada and promote the brand within those areas for the most part. We would love to expand in the future, however it is not something we prioritize as of now.


Anyways, I looked at our analytics and it said the most viewed page is a page that is nonexistent. When I clicked the link it says "Page Not Found." I took a step further and downloaded an app to view more details about the visitors on the website like what link/page they are on. It was a majority of links in different languages/symbols that are non existent in our website. We're very concerned if our website is compromised and need answers on how to fix it. We've never ran into this issue before. I looked online to see if I can find any answers and no luck. Please advise if anyone on here knows what to do!

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