Switching from Old Paypal Business Account to New Paypal Business Account Issue

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I'm having an issue and hope you can help?

I had a paypal account in Australia originally when I setup my shopify store (from Australia), I've since moved to the USA and setup a USA based business paypal account because Paypal was charging me fees everytime I transferred from my Australian Paypal to my US Bank - they don't charge for US Paypal to US Bank, hence the change.

Anyway, I disconnected my paypal checkout in my settings, reactivated it with the new US Based business paypal account and I can see in shopify it's showing the new email address for paypal as connected, so everything seems right. HOWEVER when customers pay by paypal, I'm still getting their payments in my old Australian Paypal account and I can't work out why or how to fix it? 

Any ideas?

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