Sync inventory across multiple products/preorders

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I am wanting the inventory for multiple listings (products) to sync, as well as their variations because my listings are sold as preorders, meaning everything is made to order. I only accept 80 orders at a time, but it is not limited to style, size, color, etc.


For example, lets say i sell t-shirts on a preorder basis and want to have each design of my shirts in its own listing. Within each listing, i want customers to choose their desired size and color. The design (each in its own listing) and variants such as size and color are not limited in quantity- i can make any combination at any time BUT i only want to accept 80 total t-shirt orders at a time.


I know there are apps, but the app descriptions are confusing and I don't have time to test multiple apps. Which apps would fit these needs?


Additionally, is this something that will be native in shopify in the future? The need to constantly purchase apps for functionality is getting a little old. It would be nice if shopify could natively do things that other platforms can.



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I am also looking for it, if you get response it also help me,

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This exact scenario of custom tshirts is being handled currently for a customer we have via AIMS360 Apparel Software. You can also see it in the Shopify app store.


Note, it is specialized for fashion products.