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I sell graphic design services and would like to set my shop up so that a 50% deposit is taken upfront and the remaining 50% on project completion. Is there a deposit or part payment function in shopify POS? I looked at the app store but the ones I found were more for splitting payment over different cards. 

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Hi @katiebb,


Dani here from Shopify. Thanks for writing in!


Since you're using the POS system, you can accept partial payments following our guide here. Once you've selected the partial payment you can then mark the order as partial paid. When you're ready to accept the balance of your payment you can then go back to the orders screen, tap the partially paid order, and select the option to take payment.


If you're also going to be accepting deposits for online sales, you may be interested in using one of these apps:



These two apps will allow your customers to pay their deposit online, and you can invoice them for the balance at a later date.


How are you currently marketing your design services? If you haven't already, I'd highly recommend taking a look at our free Shopify Academy courses. These courses are taught by leading industry experts to increase traffic and conversions on your site.


Let me know if you have any further questions! I'd be happy to continue helping you.


All the best,



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Are these apps still available? I'm in a similar situation where I sell video services and would like to require a deposit at check out and then the remainder at completion. How do I go about this? Is there a free alternative to Shopify's POS? 





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Did you find a solution?



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Why this is not available anymore Shopify POS Pro cost 90$ a month and dont offer this basic option anymore? 

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Dani / Shopify Team,

I am having the same challenge and all the responses from Shopify direct us as to how we "accept" partial payments. That is simple to understand. The question is how do we make it simple to ask the customer to check out with XX% of the entire cost without having to explain to them over the phone or on separate corestpondence that they can choose to make only partial payment.


I want my  product checkout to say "rental product - variable B" = $1,000. " due today is $100 and the balance will be invoiced". right now, I have to set up a separate product labled "reservation deposit" = $100. then I have to send them a separate invoice for a whole new order when the balance is due. This double order is causing accounting issues for us. And also, when the balance is due, we need to be able to at that time charge the tax on the entire $1000. When they make the $100 reservation deposit, this is non-taxible at that time.

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We enter orders from the 'back end' and also want to take a deposit or partial payment .. the solutions both given i do not think apply to us .. they are for users of the POS or from online sales ... any idea