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Tax Team Customer Support Wait Time Is 2-8 Months!

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Hi @Shopify and Community,

I need to update banking and ACH information for my business, and have reached out to Shopify support 2x a week for the last month. I always hear the same thing - my ticket is with the tax support team, they have a backlog, and we can't tell you how long it will take to resolve. Sit tight and be patient! I have ~$20k in my shopify account now, and I can't get access to it until this is resolved. I need this money to meet payroll and pay my suppliers, ASAP. 

I've looked through the forums, and have found numerous other users who have waited 2-8 months to have support tickets with the tax team resolved. And those tickets go back up to 1.5 years ago, always with the same response - the tax team has a backlog, and they will get to your ticket when they get to it. How is this long timeline not been addressed yet? How has Shopify, an enormous public company, not hired more tax team support specialists to reduce the wait time? 

Shopify has been a great platform to build my company on, and I'm disappointed that I'm now receiving such a poor level of support when I really need help as a paying customer with a growing business. 

Can you add a feature to easily upload tax, EIN, or banking details that is always available to admins? Can you hire more tax support team members? Can you provide a direct phone line or email to the tax team, instead of deflecting support requests at the front line and telling us to be patient for months? 

I have emailed numerous Shopify employees now - the Director of Support, the Director of Support Experience, Senior Support Specialists - and am desperate to get this resolved. I would like to stop wasting my time, and Shopify's time, and just get this resolved.

I would also like to hear from Shopify on how this long wait time problem can be ended, because I don't want other entrepreneurs to be stuck in limbo for months at a time, waiting on simple issues to be resolved. 

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Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hi @Bill29 

Thank you for your post here and your feedback about your experience getting this issue resolved with our Tax Support team. 

Yes we are experiencing an unprecedented backlog and yes the wait times are really long right now. This is understandably concerning for many of our merchants who are waiting on changes to their tax information in their account and you are not going unheard on this.

Right now all we can do is to wait for our Tax team to finish their review of your store and reach out. 

As for the actions Shopify is taking to mitigate this issue, that isn't something our standard support would be able to speak to. Not because I don't want to, but because I don't have insight into those decisions. Once our tax team connects with you to resolve this issue, please don't hesitate to share your feedback with them directly and if they are able to provide additional information, they will do so.


Shay | Social Care @ Shopify 
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