Terrible animated webp to animated gif!

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I uploaded some animated webp files I created of some videos. I compressed them down to around 400KB and they look great. When uploading to Shopify it makes or serves ugly, pixelated animated gif versions instead that around 2.5MB! I understand it tries to serve images based on browser compatibility but my web browser Safari does support animated webp files and I can view these animations perfectly fine when I host the files on a different server.


Is there a way to prevent Shopify from deciding for us which files to serve? I want to completely disable it.


I could upload the images to another server but then I would not be taking advantage of Shopify's CDN.


Any ideas?



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Hello @fofux , would you like to share the store URL. So, I can look further into your request.


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I can't publish the link for now as the site is being developed behind a password protected page.


I can explain further here.


I have a file called snacking-anim.webp which is 353kb


When I upload this file to Shopify, either in the assets folder or Content/Files it creates a gif version called snacking-anim.webp.gif file which is 2.7MB and look significantly worse!


Here are links to both images so you can see the difference.




I want to use the original file I upload. I don't want Shopify to touch it or create a different version I did not ask for. I realise I can upload the files to a location other than Shopify but then  I won't be able to take advantage of Shopify's CDN.


Has anyone had this issue?


Thank you!




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Having the same issue.   Did you find a solution?

example (9/4/24) - https://www.thamesmmxx.com/collections/jewellery/products/the-forever-thing

on Safari it serves a Gif and looks pretty bad.