Terrible customer service

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Tried to cancel subscription and was run around for hours between 2 representatives.  I was not able to unsubscribe from their service and was being billed for it.  I gave them my name, my email addresses, my phone number and offered to send pics of the credit card I used and got nowhere.  I had to call card company and cancel the card and now have to wait 10 days for another card.  All they had to do was remove me from their billing. Instead they now lost a customer for good and will be subject to bad reviews where applicable.  

terrible service! 

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Hi @Madcustomer 

You can contact Shopify supporting for help. Read this article for more details, How To Get Shopify Support (Shopify Team, Forum, Third-party Partners)

Hope it helps!

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NO YOU Can't.  It keeps putting you in a loop to SEARCH your database.   When you click on help--it wants you to LOGIN after you're already logged in. 

Shopify is doing NOTHING but wasting time trying to keep billing in place.  It WAS easy to get support at one time.  You've cut overhead trying to wrench a higher profit to drive your stock price up.  You need to put basic the decent customer service you had at one time.  


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This is 100% true!  Improve your customer service Shopify!! and make it so we can actually reach someone when we have issues in a timely manner. This customer service is ass!!!! All the loops and the forums after you've already logged in. We want to be able to contact someone fast. Not spend 20 min searching for a contact email, only to be taken back to a forums page. this is ridiculous!!!!!!




You think I have time to spend 30 min on an email? This is very inconsiderate!!!

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Shopify discontinued their 888-746-7439 customer service hotline.

They hide their customer support staff so well that I just could not find any live chat support after searching for hours.

I will try my best to move my store out of Shopify

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I concur! This is a bunch of mess!! I will be working to find a better way of doing this e-commerce thing via a different platform that actually focuses on helping their customers rather than taking my money every month AND hiding their representatives and tell the LIE that its for your account security - which is a whole lot of additional bull sh*T

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I completely agree. 

Except the service is not even existent to be terrible. Impossible to reach a person. Store was closed for 3 days while they "returned" my email with no help. Still waiting for the reply to my reply 2 days later... no reply. Can take up to 2 weeks to get anything resolved if it gets resolved at all.

I cannot contact anyone and when I did they returned an email in 3 days quoting a bunch of links I could already read and have access to. 

It's robotic and totally unhelpful. It's very concerning when this is your living and there is literally no support or live person. If I find an alternative with live customer service I will 100% transfer all my stores over. 

I've also over the years had them incorrectly debit repeatedly, I never recovered the money and also when the wrong card was used they refuse to assist or fix it.