The Ethical Ecommerce Community

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Hi everyone! 

I'm Krissie and I'm working alongside Katie to unite ethical e-commerce brands with like-minded people and experts who are all working towards a common goal –– to have a good impact on the world.
The aim of this community is to unite ethical brands with leading experts and the best technology solutions - many of whom have worked with BIG name brands in the industry!
We are aiming to give smaller brands the tools to grow and work together to protect our planet.
Have you founded or do you manage an ethical e-commerce brand? Do you have the drive to take your biz to the next level but lack e-commerce knowledge or don’t have the bandwidth?
The community is going to be a safe place for you to ask questions and have them answered by experts, so you can learn about all the different strategies to experience growth, just like the bigger brands. But most of all, you'll benefit from the connections you make and the collaborations you create.
Think live Q&A’s, hot seats, webinars, content, conversation, collaboration and progression!
SO, if you’re interested to learn more and want to receive updates, please register your interest using the link below and download our FREE report whilst you’re there! It’s jam packed with knowledgeable insights.
Can’t wait to see you there!
P.S If you're an expert, you can register, too!
Thank you!
Krissie 🙂
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The storing and processing of data are, in general, the ethical concerns that arise in the e-commerce industry. It all boils down to how much data you store and how you use it. We'll go through these two principles in more detail in the following pages, as well as how ethical problems might arise.

Ethical questions in e-commerce, and the tech industry in general, have reached a point where they can no longer be overlooked. There is no single bad actor or culprit, but rather a systemic problem with the monetization of PII. Since the tech industry's profit-driven paradigm is deeply entwined with the collection and processing of personal data, companies, governments, and individuals must band together to diagnose the issue and devise a solution.

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Hi Krissie. Youre associated link is not working. I am unable to join it. The page is not available. isnt there any option to join  through email????

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Hello! We are now “MindfulCommerce” and you can join us here:


I hope to see you there!



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The Ethical Ecommerce Community refers to a group of individuals, businesses, and organizations dedicated to promoting ethical practices within the ecommerce industry. This community recognizes the impact that online retail can have on society, the environment, and individual well-being, and seeks to address various ethical concerns associated with ecommerce operations. Here are some key aspects of the Ethical Ecommerce Community

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