The increasing, rampant bots....

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Been on shopify since 2017.  Last 6 months its been getting BRUTAL with the number of losers and/or bots emailing me trying to get me to sign up for whatever scam they are pushing.  I'm even starting to get them on the new shopify chat app, super frustrating.  Also alot of companies claiming to be shopify partners, I'm working under the assumption they are straight lying, but on the off chance they are not, really highlights an issue with what partners are and are not allowed to be doing.  Got spam filter enabled, and im getting 2 or 3 dozen emails a day that are getting caught by the spam filter, 2 or 3 that slip into my inbox and now a shopify messenger ping every few hours.


I understand alot of botting is beyond the control of the hosting service, but this is definitely an area that needs some attention if im going to keep this chatting app enabled....

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