Theme Suggestion - How's your experience with Enterprise Theme ?

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Guys i am stuck in thinking which theme i should go for. I shortlisted Enterprise theme but i am not sure if still i  be needing custom codings in it. Or shall i go for impulse ? I want a modern good fast responsive theme which doesnt requires custom coding and has a very good outlook as well. 

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Hello @SJA11,


Both Enterprise and Impulse are great options, each with its own strengths. I suggest you should take a closer look at the features offered by both themes to see which aligns better with your needs.


Shopify Theme Store provides numerous ready-made themes to install on your website, both free and premium. The theme store is very user-friendly, and you can easily browse through the available templates using a variety of filters, including homepage type, layout style, navigation, industry, and more. That is, finding a suitable template for your store won’t cost you much time and effort.


In terms of aesthetics, all templates look professional, simple, and pleasant. To mention, Shopify themes store offers some of the highest quality templates that are available on the market. But if nothing meets your needs, there is always an option to develop a custom solution.


Please, let me know if you need any assistance.


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I've used both. Impulse was a great theme for my last project, but I currently use Enterprise and I absolutely love it. It has a lot built in - for instance, one of the fastest infinite scrolls that I have seen. I have a very large catalog (50,000+) and it load it like a beast.