Tiered discount by code and quantity

Tiered discount by code and quantity

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Hello! I am trying to find some way to offer new customers who subscribe to our newsletter $25 off if they purchase one specific variant or $60 off if they purchase 2 or more of the same specific variant. Our current setup right now is that when someone enters their email address into a popup on our website, they receive a discount code that will give them $25 off a full tent kit that we sell. This code can only be used once per customer on their first order.


In an ideal situation, what we would like to see happen is that a potential customer enters their email address into the popup and then receives a single discount code. Then, when they go to checkout, if they have one of those specific variants in their cart and they enter the code they received, they get $25 off. But if they have 2 or more of those specific variants, and they enter the same code, they would get $60 off. 


We were working with someone who told us that they could basically combine two scripts ("Product Discount by discount code" and "Product discount by quantity" and make it work but he was unable to do so.


Does anyone know any kind of way to make this a reality?



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