Tiktok business registration taking way too long

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Hey, just trying my luck here.. even though it's not directly about shopify. Sorry.

I registered my business with Tiktok 2 weeks ago, to get the link in bio, and it still shows :

Awaiting Review

Anyone that was in the same situation or knows what i can do?

Everywhere online it says it only takes up to 5 days, most of the time much quicker.

I sent them a ticket about it a while ago with no reply.

I am using iphone 8 for my tiktok so i really hope it's not the issue.


Thank you.

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Hello there. i am having trouble filling the information to register company. the reason i want to register the company i think after that i can input my store link in the bio, can you help me with that? or is there any other way to do that?


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The only other way to add a link in your bio is to have 1000 or more followers.

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Hello. I’m having the same issue. Have you gotten a response yet?