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We're wanting to sell via Tiktok. We did a test order. Customer's name, address, email and phone number all failed to come through correctly. 

Also, we did realise that the item would be collected. As we manually input customer details and dropped off at Parcelshop, even though the item was successfully delivered, the customer was refunded. 

Can we opt out of collection? 

How do we ensure all the customer details come through? 

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1. Ensure Customer Details Come Through Correctly
To ensure all customer details (name, address, email, and phone number) are transmitted correctly:


  • Check Integration Settings: Ensure your TikTok Shop integration with your order management system is correctly configured.
  • Verify API/Plugin Configuration: If you’re using an API or plugin, ensure it’s set up correctly and up to date.
  • Contact TikTok Support: Reach out to TikTok’s support team to report the issue and get specific guidance.

2. Opt-Out of Collection
If you prefer not to use TikTok’s collection service and instead manually input customer details and drop off at Parcelshop:


  • Adjust Shipping Settings: Check your TikTok Shop settings for options to opt-out of the collection service.
  • Set Up Manual Shipping: Configure your shop to handle shipping manually, which might involve updating the fulfillment settings.
  • Contact TikTok Support: Directly ask TikTok’s support if there is an option to disable automatic collection services.

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Ensure proper setup of your TikTok integration with Shopify for accurate customer details. Adjust shipping settings in Shopify to specify delivery-only options and exclude collection.

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