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Im a rookie, and I would appreciate some clarification! I just got my first sale through tiktok shop. My shopify store is linked, and I am dropshipping items that I do not have on hand. The order came through shopify, but the address was encrypted. I then placed the order with the dropshipper and they were not able to view the address. I did reach out to confirm. 

However, Tiktok shop is not recognizing that I have fufilled the order through shopify, and its asking me to submit tracking from my home address via USPS. Furthermore, the payout will not be released from tiktok until' the item is delivered. What settings need to be changed, or what do I need to do to ensure that the tiktok shop is set up for dropshipping/ shipping from the warehouse. 

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Maybe caused by a wrong shipping option, what you want is SHIP BY SELLER

You can check if you are using SHIP BY TIKTOK

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I found this, hope this might help you 


Discover the Difference Between Seller Shipping and TikTok Shop Shipping!

Hey Reddit fam! 👋 As a TikTok Shop merchant, I want to take a moment to talk about shipping options. Specifically, let's dive into the key contrasts between seller shipping and the exciting TikTok Shop shipping option. So grab your favorite snack and let's get started! 🚀

  1. Seller Shipping: When it comes to seller shipping, TTS documents mention that you'll have a single option. To make the most of this feature, ensure you enable "Shipped from Seller" and select your default provider from the list. This way, you can print the shipping label using your carrier account. Once you've got the labels ready, simply pack up your products and hand them over to your chosen carrier from the list of TikTok Shop's selected carrier partners. Easy peasy! 😉
  2. TikTok Shipping: Now, let's turn our attention to the star of the show - TikTok shipping! With TikTok Shop, you have the flexibility to offer both Express Shipping and Standard Shipping options, or choose one that fits your business strategy. It's all about giving your customers choices! 🌟

Each delivery option will display the service provider along with some important details like the minimum/maximum shipping weight and any additional services they offer (think Cash On Delivery or Delivery to Customer Collection Point). Remember, it's crucial to ensure that the total weight of your package falls within the range specified by the service provider. This is especially important if you're combining multiple packages for delivery to the same recipient. We want to keep those shipping costs in check! 💰

Now, when you mark your orders as "Shipped via Platform" or "Shipped by TikTok," the process gets even more exciting. You'll be able to print labels directly from TikTok Shop's carrier account within the TikTok Shop Seller Center (TTS). Once the labels are printed, get your products prepped for shipment and initiate the collection request within TTS. The package will then be allocated to the carrier assigned by TTS. It's like having your very own shipping team! 📦🚚

If you're eager to learn more about AfterShip Feed, the ultimate tool for seamless product listing, order syncing, and fulfillment syncing between Shopify and TikTok Shop, check out this referral URL for all the juicy details: AfterShip Feed Referral URL

That wraps up our chat about TikTok Shop shipping options. Feel free to drop any questions or thoughts below, and I'll be here to assist you. Happy selling and shipping, fellow merchants! 🛍