Tips often uploading unique products, overall tips for selling unique items

Tips often uploading unique products, overall tips for selling unique items

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Hi! I'm traveling the world to find uniqe items for the home


Other then most stores I'm selling approx 90% unique products that never come back in stock after one sale. Every couple of months I'm recieving approx 400 new but unique items. So you understand it's alot of work to keep uploading products again and again. Other then most stores I'm not done once all my products are uploaded. It keeps repeating.


That's why i'm lookiing for any advice and tips on how to enhance this process. I'm thinking about having some people in my export locations do this for me, but the thing it I still have to to the titles myself since they don't speak my language and probly don't know about the correct title either.


Also, because of the unique nature I don't add much of a discribtion, wich makes my products harder to find on Google etc, on product level at least. So for marketing I should focus more on the collection pages.


Anyone who has any advice making my life more wasy, feel free to share!

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I am in a similar situation where each item I post is a one of a kind item. I'm just opening my Shopify store. Were you able to find a good solution to the issue that you could share? 



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Hi, my store is in a similar situation. We resell used articles that do not restock once sold. We are three persons (warehouse master, intern and me) and use Sheets, Drive and Shopify.

The warehouse master receives the articles in the warehouse, registers their name, price and date of entry in a database in Google Sheets, and uploads pictures of each article to Google Drive. Our intern makes drafts on shopify for each new article added, with name, price, and tags or collections, sometimes using Google Lens to find brands and descriptions. Lastly, I download the pictures in Google Drive and upload to shopify on their corresponding product draft, I make sure every detail is set up correctly and activate the product in the store. Overall I'm in charge of customer support: ux, delivery, discounts, damages, etc. When an order is placed, I notify the warehouse master and they arrange the technical part of the delivery and update the product status in Google Sheets once customer pays and receives it.


I found this automatization from Zapier but haven't tried it yet:

Add products to Shopify from new Google Sheets rows 

I'd love to know any suggestions or ideas you guys have for such a system.


Thanks for sharing!