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Tired of uploading product images to Shopify using CSVs?

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Basically, the subject. 

There is a new app available on the Shopify marketplace, called Bulk Image Upload. It allows you to bulk upload product images to your Shopify store by SKU. You only need to add SKU to the name of the image, no CSVs needed anymore!


So, after downloading the plugin from the marketplace, here’s what you need to do: 


  1. First, I assume you already have products in your Shopify with the required SKU. Good! Keep it that way
  2. In itself, you’ll have to add the same SKU to every image that you’d like to be matched. So, for instance, if you have 5 images of one product, all of them must have that SKU either in the title, filename or in a separate custom field.
  3. Moving onto the plugin, you’ll need to scan the collection (folder) where you keep all your images. Once the search is complete, you’ll then can match all images found to products in your marketplace
  4. Now, you can just go back to Shopify to make sure that everything has been uploaded properly


Hope that helps! 

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Hey, Kate!


Thx for the tip! I am going to check the app out and report back with my impression after a while