To use a plug-in or not to use a plug-in

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I'm an ecommerce developer coming from a background of developing a platform similar to Shopify. When I changed companies, I came face-to-face with Shopify for the first time. I've enjoyed learning this platform and discovering its potential, but I find myself confused by the lack of basic, built-in functionality and the honeymoon is over in terms of working with third-party plug-ins.


Is anyone else uncomfortable with the extra processing required to run plug-ins or the fact that they gather data in many cases?


Also, I would expect subscriptions to be offered as base functionality in Shopify. While we can use a third-party plug-in or write our own plug-in, I've found that even the most-recommended plug-ins have bugs or don't offer much in the way of versatility. Also, they often take you to their version of checkout, which feels different from the rest of the store. Is that good UX?


I'm also surprised that cart upsell isn't built-in functionality on Shopify.


Shopify should offer more functionality in the base platform and allow it to be turned off for those who don't want it or for those who prefer the functionality of a third-party plug-in.

Writing our own plug-ins fixes part of the issues I have with those provided by third-parties, but we still get the performance hit of having to contact our API continually from the store.

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