Tons of Foreign Traffic since using Dawn theme..

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Foreign Traffic since update - TONS!


Switch to the dawn theme about 3 weeks ago. Been building it out. I used to have a premium non-native thene for about 2 years.. since I got Dawn I have never seen so much traffic from the Middle East and Europe, Africa... I have captcha set on all my sign up forms, So that's not my issue. 


I'm just wondering where this increase in foreign traffic has come from. Is it possible it's because Dawn has more tools for foreign currency and language selectors? 


The other explanation is it straight bot traffic. Not really sure. I haven't even run Facebook ads in the last couple weeks.  


Anybody else experience this? I don't want to get an app to block certain countries because I heard that it can block in a bad way..

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Under "Analytics" in your store you can view the source of traffic: Social, Direct Source, Search, Etc

Unless it is causing an issue (fake account creations, a ton of abandoned carts, etc) I would not worry about it too much. As for the reason for the change, it is hard to say what would cause traffic from these countries it could be a variety of things.

Hope that is helpful!

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