Track Product Sales From Collection Pages

Track Product Sales From Collection Pages

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I am trying to figure out the best way to track product sales from specific collection pages. I will be working with different creators and each creator will be tied to a specific collection page/collection. There is a good chance multiple creators will sell the same products, so I need to figure out the best way to distinguish which orders came from which collection page to pay out each creator I work with. Is there a simple way to do this? Looking at the order data in a CSV you are able to download, I don't see a way for me to accomplish this. 

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The general way to do this is with vendor fields, cart notes, cart attributes or order tags.

If you must use collections you need a way to pass the collection name as a cart attribute, or automate a process to tag orders at the right phase in fulfillment.


If you need to automate there's apps like usemechanic to add data to orders , they have some premade ones. 



There's also going through reports 


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