Track Same Products in Multiple Collections

Track Same Products in Multiple Collections

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I have set up some collections to sell spirit wear for organizations within the same school system.  My challenge is the same products are in both collections.  Is there a way to tell from which collection an order came?  I need to track which collection generated the order.  The only way I can see to do it now is to duplicate products with slightly different names for each collection which seems like a lot of work and a ton of products.

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Hi @smandabach 

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Customer specific products

For shopify Plus enterprise plans use the B2B features.


For non-Plus shopify plans, You'd have to customize the theme to either track which collection they are in such as through line-item-properties for products.

Or have the customer indicate which org they are a part of from a predefined list, or a text input;

 such as in the cart note, or through cart-attributes. 



Duplicating products is an alternative which can be rapidly done after your work out a process in excel or google-sheets to replicate product info, or automate.

But then you'd want to get an app to sync product inventory.

This is also related to setting up a membership store so certain customers only have access to certain products. See apps like locksmith for gating content.


For bespoke scenarios, the mechanic automation app can be scripted to do such a sync or one of it's existing tasks may be suitable. 

It can also handle product creation,duplication and deletion.




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It may be possible to do that by looking at the customer journey details over the API. I could do some experimentation for you on that if you installed our app MESA.