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Hello can anyone help me with this coding? 


I want to do like how this store did , for tracking your order! and then linked to the page! 

Looking forward to hearing for you!! Thank youu

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I looked at the code of their website and it looks like they are using

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Hi @ngsongheng1,

Not sure about the coding, but if you are open to using an app, the Shipment Tracking & Notify app can be used to create the "Track Your Order" page similar to what you have mentioned. Your customers can put the tracking number and easily get the tracking info. 

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Hi @ngsongheng1 , although the solution that you wanted is here!

ParcelPanel can automatically generate an order tracking page that perfectly fits your branding for you as soon as you finish the installation of ParcelPanel Order Tracking app.

Since the suffix of the default URL is, if you want to change the URL, you need to go to the tracking page URL settings for the configuration. 


You may refer to the ParcelPanel help center article - How to change your tracking page URL? If you have any problems, don't hesitate to contact the ParcelPanel support team.

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Hi @ngsongheng1

The good new is you don't need coding for what you want. With Omega Order Tracking, you can create your own branding tracking page with marketing assets and put the tracking order page on your navigation menu or footer. Please refer to this article on how to add a tracking page to your store website.