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Hi, I'm hoping someone can help because I can't find an answer / app. We sell watches, I'd like to have a product and a user able to choose case / strap / dial - and to track each variant / option - Can anyone help with this? I've tried Hulk and Infinite options and they're just too complicated, I just need something simple. 


Here is the product page - which works fine for the user, but we have to manually alter the inventory numbers 


Thanks Nick 

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Hi @plug_agency,

I'd like to confirm your requirements: you're seeking a solution to create custom options like Case, Strap, and Dial, which multiple products in your store will share. Additionally, you need to track inventory for Case, Strap, and Dial options as separate products. If I've understood correctly, here's a recommended solution:

Consider using the affordable Easify Product Options app, which simplifies setup with the in-app live preview. Here's a quick overview of how to use the app 🤗:

  • Create your main Watch product(s).
  • Establish Case, Strap, and Dial as separate products, each with their respective options and variants (e.g., Case product with variants like "Rose Gold" and "Steel").



  • Install the app and create an option set:



  • Add an option for selecting Case Finish using Dropdown (or another suitable option type; the app offers 25 types). Associate each option value with an existing product variant.






  • Similarly, create 2 dropdowns for selecting Dial Type and Strap Color.



  • After creating your option set, select the relevant watch products where you want to apply the option set, and your setup is complete:





If there are any aspects I've missed or if you encounter challenges during setup, you can reach out to the Easify support team via in-app live chat for assistance 😊.

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