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I am thinking about selling homemade jewelries (necklaces, earrings, bracelets) and most of them will be made with the same type of charms. So basically on the front end the user will be able to purchase a jewelry and choose the charms on the jewelries as variants. While in the back end I would like to be able to track the inventory of the different charms.


An example:

I have 2 star charms and 10 moon charms available. On one of the necklaces (Product A) its possible to choose two charms (either 2 stars, 2 moons, or one of each) as a variant. On an earring (Product B) its possible to choose one charm (either 1 star or 1 moon). When a customer purchases Product A with 2 star charms, the inventory of the star charm decreases and its left with 0 star charms. So when an another customer chooses to purchase Product B with 1 star, it says "Out of Stock" because there is no more star charms in my inventory. I then would like to either leave it as "Out of Stock" or make it possible to "Preorder".


I have looked at some Bundle apps, but I dont want the charms to be separate products on my site, which the customer can browse through and see. They CAN absolutely be a seperate product for the sake of tracking inventory, but from the customers point of view, I want the same charms to be Variants of multiple products. Is there an easy way of making this work and trackable?


I hope there is a solution to this, thank you so much in advance for the help!


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Hi There!

I suggest you use the "Bundles" app (blue icon, white visual). This will allow you to create a virtual bundle in terms of inventory. You basically assign all the relevant jewelry once in there and inventory will be increased/decreased when any of the variants is sold or restocked.



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