Tracking inventory that's used across multiple products

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Hoping someone can please help.

I am working on a new website for a gift box company.

I am adding each gift box as a separate product, however I have some gift boxes that have the same products in them.

Is there a way that I can track the overall stock levels? I just find with the variant options I have to give each variation a stock level per product (gift box), but as some are used across multiple products I can only put very low quantities.

E.g.: Gift box A includes a candle and a chocolate, Gift box B includes a candle and an eye mask. The candles used in both boxes are the same.

Any advice? I'd like to easily track the stock.

Thank you!

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Many merchants that offer bundles use variants for each item in the bundle. But as you pointed out earlier this doesn't allow you to track the inventory of the items if it's being used as on other products. 

No worries, there are apps that you can utilize to implement this. You can try using Bundles App | PickyStory. It's an app that allows you to combine products into bundles.  You can either let the customer choose which products will be bundled OR you combine several products and sell them as one.  This will allow you to track the inventory of each item in the bundle.  I hope this helps.

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You would need to bundle up each variant with the components. Our bundle app then recalculates what inventory is available based on the component stock levels. That way when you sell a bundle all related products that use a component in that bundle get updated.

We also break down the bundle post purchase to maintain accurate inventory levels as well as easier to fulfil when you only have the actual SKU's on order lines.



Bundleup - bundle your products and unbundle your orders.
MYOB Sync - connect your MYOB account to sync orders, customers, payments and inventory.
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Thank you! I will give that a try 🙂

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Hi There,

I'm giving this app a try and really like it. My only issue is that it splits out the combos in the cart.

Do you know if there is a way for the combo to still appear as one product in the shopping cart?