Traffic report for yesterday changing in the morning of next day

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If I check my website stats on my dashboard for yesterday's at 6am, it will show 600 visits, but if I check it later in the day, it will go up by about a few hundred visits.  This is for the previous day's traffic, so the stats should be the same.  Anybody have an idea of what could be happening?  Google analytics doesn't match either number, it's usually between the 2.  Thanks for any insight you could provide!

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Fluctuations in website traffic statistics, particularly on Shopify's dashboard, can occur due to various factors. Here are some potential reasons why you might observe discrepancies in the reported number of visits:


  1. Real-Time Updates: Shopify's dashboard may provide real-time updates for website traffic statistics. As a result, the reported number of visits can change throughout the day as new data is processed and added to the dashboard. This can explain why you see an increase in visits when checking later in the day.

  2. Data Processing Delays: There might be processing delays in aggregating and updating website traffic data on Shopify's dashboard. Depending on the volume of traffic and the efficiency of Shopify's data processing systems, it may take some time for all visits to be accurately reflected in the dashboard statistics.

  3. Bot Traffic: Automated bot traffic, such as search engine crawlers or malicious bots, can inflate website traffic statistics. Shopify's dashboard may include all visits, including those generated by bots, which can lead to discrepancies between reported and actual human visitors.

  4. Session Timeout: Shopify's tracking mechanisms rely on cookies and sessions to identify unique visitors. If a visitor's session expires or they clear their cookies, they may be counted as a new visit when they return to the website, leading to duplicate or inflated visit counts.

  5. Differences in Tracking Methods: Google Analytics and Shopify may use slightly different methodologies for tracking website traffic, leading to discrepancies between the reported numbers. While both platforms aim to provide accurate insights into website activity, variations in tracking algorithms and data processing can result in differences in reported metrics.

  6. External Factors: External factors such as server downtime, network issues, or third-party app integrations could also impact the accuracy of website traffic statistics reported on Shopify's dashboard.

Hope this helps a little. 🙂