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Trafficpro : I didn't join but it messes up my store traffic

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I observed a lot of traffic recorded when I launched fb ads.  However, it's abnormal with huge bounce rate. When I read GA report in details, I found it comes from a link / referral that always double my REAL traffic with 100% bounce rate.  I didn't join any traffic generate plan and really don't know what happened. 

Most importantly, I have NO idea how to make my store traffic normal.  Anyone have overcome this before?  Any solution pls, thank you !

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Yeah, I've dealt with this before. Here's what happened: It's a spam link.  A spammer sent a lot of traffic to your site (with the help of bots.) Why did they do it? It's because they wanted you to notice that you were getting an unusual amount of traffic so that you would then go to your Google Analytics report to find out where the traffic is coming from. Then, they expect you to click on/visit that website to find out more about them.

Once you visit that website, they may put affiliate cookies on your PC. Or they may just simply want you to click on their site to falsely inflate their traffic count because they may be getting paid a certain amount of money every time someone clicks on the link/visits their website.  Spammers are such lovely groups of people, aren't they???? 


Don't worry, it's an easy fix.

First step: Don't click on/visit the website. If you already have, then you may want to clear your cookies.

Second step: Exclude their website from your Google Analytics data. In other words, BLACKLIST them so that Google will no longer count their site as referral traffic.


Here's how:

1. Sign in to your Google Analytics account.

2. Go to Admin (at the bottom, left)

3. Look at the Account column. Select the property (the site) that you want to work with.

4. Look at the Property column. Select the property that you want to work with.

5. Select Tracking Info (It's under the property column.) 

6. Select Referral Exclusion List.

7. Select +ADD REFERRAL EXCLUSION and then type their domain into the field.

8. Select Create and then you're done.


And there you have it! Now you've officially blacklisted them from your referral count! Everything should go back to normal from this point on.