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Transfer Third Party Domain Failed

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Hi all,

I've been trying to transfer my third party domain to Shopify for a couple of days now. The domain is unlocked and I have a transfer verification code from my current host. I go through all the steps in Shopify to initiate the transfer and it's all verified and I get to the final step of 'buy and transfer' and then it comes up saying the transfer has failed- contact your third party host and make sure the domain is unlocked. I've done that several times- my domain hosts have no idea why there's an issue and even gave me a new verification code just in case there was a problem with that. Shopify support wasn't sure why there's an issue either, they just told me to contact my third party to find out what's going on. I've tried different browsers on the recommendation from shopify support and still no luck. I've received no emails from Shopify about initiating a transfer- only emails about being billed for a transfer (regarding the 12 month registration fee). No emails to say why it's failed, nothing. Any one have any clues on what to do next? 


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I am having the same problem

At first it was successful and then it was rejected.

That seemed like manual interference by a staff, in my experience.


If so it is illegal.


I am hoping they will resolve it.

There seems to be zero customer support.


If it is not resolved today, I will take forceful report action to multiple parties .

There are a list of issues that do not comply with EU consumer regulation about website and contact.

There is also no legitimate basis to break  a domain-ownership transfer by any staff.


Please let me know if you resolved it.

I truly hope it is nothing serious and will be cleared up soon.


Thank you for sharing your experience.



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Same problem here. 

I've contacted the 3rd party (123 Reg) and confirm it is unlocked. Also checked whois and the domain is listed as unlocked. 

The fault is clearly with Shopify, yet zero customer support help. (123 not much better - takes a life time)