Transferring a store, need help

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Hello, I've recently hired a web designer to design me a new store using a paid theme. I gave him full access to my store to build it out. The web designer said that it would not allow him to build it on my store, so he created a new store and built the website. The site is now done and we are trying to bring that theme along with all content over to the old store. After downloading the theme and transferring it over, he says that a lot of the information on the site and customizations that he did do not pull over with the download. He said our only option is to use the store that he created and gave me full control over.


My concern with this is I will lose all of my tax info, integration into my 3PL software, I've already paid for my shopify store membership, all payments will need to be updated, just a lot of headache. 


Thank You


My question is; is there any way to bring this new store website design over to my old store where all of my info, analytics and customer information is already stored? 



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I want to pull over the new site that he built on a store that he created onto my current store. Not just the theme, but all of the content as well. 

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Hello @rodjon30 


You can try this app CopyCat that duplicates store data, or MigrationPro that migrates data between stores.


Hope this helps 🙂

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Hello @rodjon30,


The data regarding the look of the website can be stored in: theme files, admin panel accessible settings, pages content in the admin panel and in meta data that developer can set. The one more thing that potentially can have a large effect over the website's look is a single app or several apps. Finally, having access to the newly created store and the old one, the qualified developer would be able to migrate 100% of the data properly.


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