Translate & Adapt app not translating the collections page filter

Translate & Adapt app not translating the collections page filter

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We have an issue as it appears that the app Translate & Adapt does not translate the filter in a collections page. We would like to be sure that there is no other possible option solving this problem before changing the translation app. Can anybody help by suggesting any possible resolution?


We have found another website which is on Shopify and it looks like they are using Translate & Adapt as well:

Is there any possible way to check how they have solved this issue?


We would really appreciate if anyone can help on this issue and totally amazed that we can't find any discussions on this matter. Are we missing something?


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Hey Plami,

I have the same issue! Did you find the solution?

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Same issue here! Any solutions?

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Hey Palmi, I'm having the same issue in the translating the Product Types Value and filters Value. I saw your link ( and I can see you have translated the filters and product types. could you please share the solution if you don't mind ?

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Could it be possible, that you are using only 'product type' or 'tag-filters' at your collection page? Those are only shown in the default language and will be not translated.

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In your theme, on the product grid, when you customize your theme, you have the option to disable product filtering. This will leave only the sorting part, which appears on the right and should be properly translated, and will hide the left part that is not correctly translated. I haven't found any other solution besides this one, but it works. Good luck!