translate store from english to french and make french as default language

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I have a dev store where english is default language and french, japanese are two more languages for end-users.

This is done using Translate and adapt app. Upon trying to make french as default, I got alert, existing translations of french will be deleted. Also, after french being default language, store is visible in english language only.


How can we make any language as default and keep store in that language ?

please guide

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       Hello Govind,

       Welcome to the Shopify Community,

       Below are step-by-step instructions for changing the default language on your Shopify store while preserving existing translations:

  1. Back-Up Translations: Export and save your existing translations using the Translate and Adapt app or other translation tools.

  2. Change Default Language: In your Shopify admin, go to 'Settings' > 'General' and set 'French' as the new default language.

  3. Re-import Translations: Use your backup to re-import French and Japanese translations via the Translate and Adapt app.

  4. Check Theme and App Compatibility: Ensure your theme and apps support the new default language.

  5. Review and Adjust: Review and adjust translations as necessary to match the new default language.

  6. Thorough Testing: Test your store to confirm all content appears correctly in the new default language.

    By following these steps, you should be able to successfully change the default language of your Shopify store to French while preserving your existing translations in French and Japanese.

    If you encounter any difficulties or need further assistance, feel free to let me know, and I'll be happy to help.


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I have tried export-import already.
Type,Identification,Field,Locale,Market,Status,Default content,Translated content
COLLECTION,'152672501845,title,fr,,,Home page,Page d'accueil
COLLECTION,'164765565013,title,fr,,,Sale 2023,Vente 2023
COLLECTION,'164765565013,body_html,fr,,,Hola.. Seasonal Sale is unleashed.  Hurry Up..!,Hola.. Les soldes saisonnières sont lancées. Dépêche-toi..!
PRODUCT,'6965763211349,title,fr,,,Biodegradable cardboard pots,Pots en carton biodégradables
PRODUCT,'6965763211349,body_html,fr,,,<p>Biodegradable outdoor cardboard pots</p>,<p>Pots en carton extérieur biodégradables</p>

these are sample lines ( for format) out of 700+ translation exported.
After this, there is no change in product title for the product 

other labels like "on sale" to "en vante" are present, but product titles, description are not updated.
our store has theme - Refresh ( default theme)



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current state: french is default lang and english is removed.
once uploaded same file - 

The translations CSV file that you started importing at 3 November 2023, 8:45 am is now complete.

To import translations that couldn't be updated, fix any errors in the CSV file and try importing it again.

Skipped: 722

  • Line 2: your shop does not support this language
  • Line 4: your shop does not support this language
  • Line 5: your shop does not support this language
  • Line 7: your shop does not support this language
  • Line 8: your shop does not support this languag





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Hi Govind -  can you please elaborate more how you managed to do this? i a facing the exact same issue atm but can seem to get it working. I got a shopify store built in the english language and want to translate to german default and keep translations of 30+ products. 


how exactly did you fix the errors in the CSV file and how did you see which ones do not work or support the language? 


thanks a lot in advance