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I have a shop in 2 languages, French and English.

In the Product Review app, I can see in its settings the options to change the app texts, but you can only do this in 1 language.

How can I get the app texts available in both languages?


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Hi @ced--ced,

We’re from the Transcy translate & currency app. We’ve read your unresolved questions, we want to suggest to you our solution.

By using the “ Translate third-party app” feature from Transcy, you can display app text in both languages. You can see in our demo:

Transcy Gif.gif

Learn more in our demo store:

You can find out to do it here: tutorial video

Exploring Transcy in Shopify App Store & get help from us:

Best regards,

Transcy team

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Hello there hope you doing good, please i want to ask you about how you translate the Product Review app for both languages? because i'm facing the same issue, Thank you