Trash can button is green (white can) need it red, leave checkout green how to do that please?

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I want to keep the second checkout button green.  I need the trash can white surrounded by a red background. I have tried to change it so many different ways and I am just stuck. Please help. Dawn Theme


Screenshot 2024-02-26 234942.jpg



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@ivanka2  Please try adding this CSS. If still does not work, kindly share the preview URL so that I can have a look at your store. Thanks. 

#cart .cart-item cart-remove-button {
    background: red;


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Thank you for the instructions - unfortunately, it did this, how can I remove the green?....  it won't let me add the png file here, but the code only gives me a red outline, the green is still there 😞 Screenshot 2024-02-27 120328.png



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Hello @ivanka2 ,

You can change the color & background of the button with the theme customizer.

Please add the below mentioned CSS code in Custom CSS section in theme customizer

cart-remove-button {
background-color: red;

I hope the code helps you.

Please let me know if you have any query.

Thank you.

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Please see my other response, it changed partially to red but the green circle remained around the trash can, I am trying to remove that green circle now 😄 Thank you