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Hi All 


I have a client that has an online store they have previously asked a Facebook ads company to start marketing their products. 


They have received notice that their Facebook Pixel is not working correctly and needs to be tweaked. I can see with Pixel helper chome add on the pixel is present and live and should be firing data bit Facebook isn't receiving it correctly, I suspect because its not setup correctly. 

I can't see any pixel code in the header

Cant see it in the theme file 

Cant see it in the CSS file 


Upon page load and view source I can see a pixel with a Trekkie app loader. I cant see any Trekkie app in their shop or on the App store? 

When checking their Facebook setup in the back end this has not been completed at all and is on the initial setup wizards for the store - even the Facebook pixel setting in the back end is blank, so it feels like the Trekkie loader has been injected somewhere but I just cant find the code at all to remove it so I can complete the proper setup for them? 

Can anyone shed some light on where to find and remove the code? 




As you can see in the image below Facebook has not been setup on their Store and no accounts are linked. 

Screenshot 2022-04-28 at 21.16.49.png



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