Trouble with Collections and Templates

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I'm attempting to organize my collections of products each on their own page. My products are in their collections, but when I attempt to create a template for the collection and save it, it seems to not apply, because when I go to another page, then go back to the page I was editing, it's not how it was when I last saved. Does the drop down menu of templates actually do anything for the website or is it just for previewing?

Even when I select a template, it resets. And I tried applying the templates to collections but I've had no success. Can somebody tell me what I'm doing wrong or guide me to a helpful tutorial?



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Hi @aryktomlinson 
I hope you are doing well.
This is a shopify link: to create template.
Unless you need separate design or functionality on a collection, you don't need to create separate template. A single default template can work on any number of collections. While creating  collection, you can create a manual or automatic collection and then add relevant products to that, if you need separate template for any collection then you have to create that using theme customizer or liquid code and then assign it to collection using that template's dropdown

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