Troubleshooting help needed

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Good afternoon
We have multiple challenges working with Shopify POS and am hoping that someone can help us figure out how to resolve these issues

1) We often sell some of our products to specific customers, and staff, at wholesale cost and would like to know how to have the system use or show the wholesale cost of goods in the cart.
Currently we have to look up every single product in multiple steps to find the wholesale cost of each item purchased, and then separately discount each product which is extremely time consuming

2) Our previous POS was Lightspeed and I was able to create a sale with a negative value.
EG: We sell many items to fundraise for a local rescue, and then summarize total sales and ring it out as a Fundraiser Payout transaction to reflect that these funds are being removed from sales to be paid out to the rescue organization monthly.
I cannot find a way to create a PAYOUT transaction that permits entering a negative Custom Sale dollar value, to remove these funds from our total sales and pay the rescue to balance our bookkeeping through the POS

3) Label printing
We have a Zebra printer, ZD410 model which is not configuring properly at all with Shopify label printing options. This worked fine with Lightspeed so being an older model of printer should not be an issue, but we cannot seem to configure Shopify label layout to print properly
Zebra is telling us that this is a Shopify issue, not a printer issue

thank you so much for your help

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