TrustPilot's New Way of Authenticating Genuine Reviews

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Our store uses TrustPilot (Standard, not free version) to collect customer reviews. In the past when we received a review that was not authentic ( we have only received one) we flagged the review, TrustPilot reached out to the reviewer for documentation of the experience or product, and if after three days the reviewer did not respond then the review was likely taken down. Now, they have a new policy that no longer requires the reviewer to prove they had any exchange AT ALL with the business. We recently received a "fake" review from an individual that we have no idea who they are nor have we had any conversations with either. I flagged the review, TrustPilot reached out to the individual, the individual did not respond but TrustPilot decided to keep the fake review up. I filed a claim asking them to review the decision (it is still pending) but how the heck does a business owner prove to TrustPilot that they never had a customer or engaged with a potential customer? This is an invitation for fake reviews. Anyone else dealing with this or can anyone suggest a review platform that is honest for the business owner and the customer?  I accept reviews that are bad if we have earned them but I can't accept reviews that are fake with no way of verifying them.  Thank you!

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